We offer a high standard of real estate and consultant services, ensuring the absolute satisfaction of our customers.

We support an active investment in Tinos real estate market, based on our own successful experience, in providing qualified services, with transparent and impeccable attitude, towards each client.

Buying a property

From the moment you decide that you are interested in the acquisition of a property on Tinos, our office makes all the necessary arrangements. Thus, in cooperation, we undertake to arrange the details of your stay (hotel, hiring a vehicle, issuing your return tickets etc.).

Your visit to the real estates for sale is carried out with privately owned car, at a prescheduled time, always after mutual agreement with you.

Multilingual office staff (English - French - Russian speaking) will explain to you in detail everything regarding the real estates you have chosen to visit, and then they will drive you to them. The signing of the real estate suggestion order (without additional charges) precedes your visit to the properties. The order clarifies in detail all the obligations of our office, as well as our remuneration in case you decide to proceed with the purchase of a real estate.

Purchasing process
  • Our office recommends among a wide range of real estate, the ones that are suitable for you. We prepare especially for you a selection of particularly remarkable properties in accordance with the criteria you have set.
  • Entrusting a capable lawyer with checking the property’s documents of title.
  • Entrusting an architect with checking the real estate (plot or residence) regarding statics - measurements – quality of construction etc.
  • Contracting a private agreement–engagement between the two contracting parties, so that the real estate is withdrawn from the market, with simultaneous payment of an amount equal to the 10% of the property’s value.
  • Receiving the Taxpayer’s Identification Number from the responsible Tax Office.
  • Entrusting a notary with finding the objective value of the real estate and contracting the final contract.
  • Opening an account in a Greek bank.
  • Entrusting an accountant with the annual income-tax return of the customer/purchaser.

All the above or part of it can be accomplished by our office, in agreement with you, by letters of procuration.

Selling a property

If you are interested in selling a real estate in Tinos, our office is the ideal choice of collaboration. We will visit the real estate, we will estimate its value, discuss with you, and we will determine its price with you. All we need from you is the property’s drawings - titles and your written and explicit consent to show the real estate to those who are interested.

Then our office will undertake its promotion in the following ways:
  • With continuous advertisements in every wide circulation daily and special press.
  • With our presence on the internet via our web site, with detailed description, photographs and all necessary information on the real estates.
  • With the elite clientele we have created.
  • With our presence on the websites of internationally most important professional associations (link of the site of the associations).
  • By placing sale signs with contact information of our office on the real estates.
  • With your property’s promotion via our membership in the best professional associations, with a wide range of associate offices throughout Greece and abroad.


We provide complete professional estimate of your real estate:
  • Oral, free of charge, as long as the sale afterwards is assigned to us.
  • Official written estimation, in collaboration with special professionals with pre-agreed remuneration.

Financing advices

We provide advisory services and every possible assistance regarding bank financing programs.

You can easily cover 100% of your investment, with low interest-rate.

In collaboration with the bigger bank institutions, we can inform you on a wide variety of products.


Having as objective your cover from any potential risk and in collaboration with the best professionals of the insurance domain, we undertake the insurance of your real estate.

What we do